Silpo Company was established in 2001 to provide services in the ceramic industry in the field of designing - cylindrical engraving and construction of the Silk Screen. The company has been able to increase its product range over the years by using specialized experts in ceramic industry. Among the current products of the Silpo company are: a variety of glazes - printing powders - making Silk Screen - engraving various types of cylinders - the production of a variety of digital ink and glossy de-flocculates. Silpo holding is one of the subsidiaries of its subsidiary Enpar, the official representative of SITI B & T Italy in Turkey.

Silpo is currently the only manufacturer of digital ink in Turkey, with approximately 15% of the market share of digital jerk selling in Turkey. Silpo Holdings is proud to partner with the largest Turkish and Egyptian tile manufacturers, including Kalebodur-Vitra - Cleopatra and ...

Silpo Company started its operations in Iran by Arpey Trading Company as its official representative in the first phase, with the establishment of the warehouse and the filtration system of ink.

Currently, the company operates as a supplier of digital ink and all types of De-flocculant - Binder and glaze additives in Iran.

Silpo Holding, with the help of design and graphic design specialists, has the largest and most advanced studio design and construction company in Turkey. Apart from selling ceramic materials, it sells the latest designs of the world according to the customer's tastes and offers a variety of stroke designs,for the tile.

Designed by  - ARPEYTRADING,all rights reserved

Designed by  - ARPEYTRADING,all rights reserved